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Whilst we're professional and take great pride in the work we do, we take a fresh approach to projects and would like to think we are approachable too. Whether you require a striking web design, bespoke web development, website optimisation, an email campaign, or just fancy popping in to talk ideas, the door is always open at Clever4. Get in touch.

Beautiful Web Design

As a web design company, we know the importance a great design plays in the success of your business online. Of course, it's not just about what your site looks like, it's about how it forms a relationship with your customers and the standards used to build it.

User focused design

Through a process of Logo Visual Thinking (LVT) and discovery, we will ensure that your website is built with your visitors in mind. It's paramount that your site captures visitors and quickly conveys they have come to the right place to find what they are looking for. With a user focused design that is well implemented, we can help you achieve these goals.

Accessibility & standards

We will also ensure that accessibility and cross platform support are ingrained in your website. These factors should be delivered as standard by any professional web design agency, however the unfortunate truth is this can't be taken for granted.

Using the latest web development standards such as W3C compliant XHTML & CSS coding, we will deliver a fully optimised future-proofed website that is technically sound, engaging, and delivers a beautiful interactive experience.

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Bespoke Web Development

As the power and flexibility of the Internet moves forward, so do the web applications that make use of it; from database driven content to dynamic searches, user enabled administration to mobile apps. If you are looking for more than just simple web pages, we have a dedicated team of highly trained programmers who can make your online vision a reality.

Content Management

If you want to publish your latest news articles directly to your website, produce an online image gallery where you upload and manage the pictures yourself, or have content managed by multiple users with individual logins via your personal bespoke administrative area, we can tailor an online solution to your own specific needs. Our team of developers hand code your solution to ensure we can meet your requirements, rather than expecting you to fit around an off the shelf solution.


Looking to setup a store front for your business on the web? We can offer you everything you will need to get your products and services available to the four corners of the world. With solutions incorporating all aspects of ecommerce, including product listings, powerful searches, shopping basket systems, payments and more.

Web Applications

Think you've got the Internet's next big idea? The new Twitter, You Tube, Flickr or Google Maps? Maybe you have an existing application or tool you want to take to the web? Our programmers will be able to help you work through your ideas to produce a powerful, versatile and accessible solution. We will ensure all your data is safely managed, yet quickly and efficiently retrievable, all without you needing to understand the nerdy ins and outs of this side of production (unless you want to!).

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Website Optimisation

If you're like most small businesses, you'd like to drive more qualified traffic to your website. Since search engines are likely to deliver the majority of any new leads, optimising your site for the best possible organic results is essential to your success.

Clever4 has been building search engine friendly websites since 2000. We can help you uncover your most effective keywords and place them to maximise their effect on search engine rankings. We can also help you to develop a link building strategy for you to drive more quality leads to your site; another vital element in your website's search engine visibility.

Here are some of the services that Clever4 provides for your search engine marketing needs:

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Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Getting people to visit and return to your website or staying in touch with them through permission based email marketing forms the life-blood for any successful web based business.

High impact email newsletters can be the greatest contribution you can make to your promotion and communications strategy. In fact a well-planned newsletter strategy won't just drive traffic to your website, it can even create a stronger, deeper bond between your customers and your business.

Clever4 offers a tailored newsletter design service, developing an effective email marketing strategy comprising bespoke HTML email design, build, testing, distribution, subscriber management and full reporting on how many people are opening your emails and taking action.

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